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One Click Album Builder is extremely intelligent, automatic and complete album design software to make stunning photo albums with unparalleled ease. Are you a photographer who always remains busy with shooting and editing? And after editing do you also design albums to be delivered to the client? You must have experienced that designing an album takes a huge effort. On average each 50 sheets album takes approximately 12-15 hours to design properly. This is a very boring, tiresome, tedious and repetitive process. Moreover, there is no such album-building software that integrates the designer’s own design PSD files very easily. That’s why many photography studios have their own dedicated album designers. Instead of this whole cumbersome process, suppose the whole album is automatically generated just within 30 minutes without much user interaction, won’t you be surprised? Won’t you feel it’s magical? That’s the magic this program is doing. It will automatically design the whole album with the best background layouts within a very short time. There are some accompanying programs that will also facilitate the whole editing process. Suppose you are designing 50 albums each year; this program will save you a minimum of 500 hours! You can utilize this time for your other purpose. The whole photography business takes a huge amount of time, let’s make our life easier. You won’t find any other album-building software that is more intelligent and comprehensive than this One Click Album Builder. This program is very easy to use, even a complete layman can design a very nice album. He has to just create a normal text file with the number of images he wants to put on either side of the spread and provide this as an input to the program. That’s all, nothing else is required from his end! He doesn’t need to design the PSD templates, neither he needs to drag and drop the images within the template layers. And that’s the difference this program is making compared to other programs. This program does all the laborious work on its own and relieves the designer from all the tedious human efforts. This program is just for you; this is the best purchase you will ever make for your photography business. 

How It Works

This program is a lightweight Photoshop script, it has to be run only within Photoshop application.
The designer has to prepare a text file where he has to mention the number of images he wants to put on the left and right pages of all the spreads.
This is one sample input design text file –


So this is the entire effort that the designer has to spend, nothing else!
This is the meaning of the above input design text file; this is how the designer wants to design the album –
1,2,4,,, -> 1st spread, designer wants to put 2 images in the left side and 4 images on the right side
 2,3,5,,, -> 2nd spread, designer wants to put 3 images in the left side and 5 images on the right side
3,2,6,,, -> 3rd spread, designer wants to put 2 images in the left side and 6 images on the right side
He doesn’t need to design the PSD templates and drag the images on the corresponding layers! That’s the magic!
Everything else will be done automatically by the program.
The program will automatically determine the correct templates for the left and right pages based on the image numbers on that page and their orientations.
Then the program will open the left and right page templates, merge them, paste the album images in the designated layers and produce the output PSD file.
There are other scripts that can change the color of the background layers, swap the layers and also export the PSD files to JPG and PDF formats.
This software does all the laborious work on its own and relieves the designer from all the tedious and tiresome efforts.
More than 600 templates are provided herewith and that will suffice all his needs.
But, the designer can also design his own PSD templates and integrate them within this program very easily.
Please go through the video and PDF tutorials for a detailed understanding.

Two sample albums, generated by this program are attached here with the corresponding design text files.
Album1     Design text file1
Album2     Design text file2
You can easily understand how elegant and beautiful albums can be designed
effortlessly within just 30 minutes.

Cool Features

One Click Album Builder automates the album creation process with unparalleled ease. The program works with all CS and CC versions of Photoshop in both Windows and Mac operating systems. The user interface is very simple and attractive. The program picks up the correct template corresponding to the images’ orientations, so user interaction is not needed. It can also change the background layer colors with the most prominent colors of the album images of the corresponding page. It keeps the orientations in a map file as a key value pair to minimize the subsequent template searches. Nearly 600 finely crafted templates are supplied along with the program, so the user may not need any more PSD file. But the user can also design his own templates and integrate them into the program. The program can also work with any album size, any resolution and any color space.

Why Do You Need It: A Case Study

Many album design softwares are available. Some softwares are very easy to use and design the full album within a very short period of time, but the designer cannot integrate his own design templates with those softwares. So the output design files have plain and simple backgrounds. If the client wants that type of design, then well and good. But if the client wants a little decoration in the background or wants different types of masks around the images, then the designer has no choice but to use his own PSD templates. Moreover, the designer cannot put arbitrary images on each side of the spread! For example, it’s better not to put bridal portraits with groom portraits on the same page. It also doesn’t look good if images from different wedding rituals are placed on the same page. Suppose the client has given 350 pictures to be included in 12 inches by 36 inches size 50 spread album. So, at first, the designer has to decide how many pictures to be included in each page and then he has to search for the appropriate PSD template. Suppose some images have landscape orientation and some images have portrait orientation. So, searching for the corresponding template becomes really difficult. All the templates that you can find on the internet are full-spread templates. Suppose the designer likes the design of the left side, but not the right side, then he needs to again search for another template for the right side and manually merge the two templates. At last, he has to open the selected images and Paste Into those images in the corresponding layers. On average
for each spread, he has to spend 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s 5 mins, sometimes it’s 20 mins or more. So, the full album can be generated only after 12 hours! Instead of all this tedious work, if the designer just notes down the number of images to be kept on each side of the spreads, and the program searches the correct templates, does all the necessary work and prepares the final output PSD file within 15-20 mins, wouldn’t it be magical?

Video Tutorials

Please go through these video tutorials to understand the different aspects of the whole process. Please believe in magic!


Hindi Video Tutorials

ये वीडियो ट्यूटोरियल हिंदी भाषा में हैं। आप इन वीडियो को अनुसरण करके बहुत अच्छे एल्बम डिजाइन कर सकते हैं।


PDF Tutorial

This user guide describes the functionalities of all the programs elaborately.


Free Program

Export Psd and Sequentially Open Files scripts are provided as free programs. Export PSD file can export the selected PSD files into JPEG and PDF formats. Sequentially Open Files script will allow the user to select multiple files at once and edit them sequentially one by one. Feel free to download them.


Try Now

This trial program is the shorter version of the actual program. It will also generate the album, but only for one picture on each page. You will understand the functionality and will be excited to take full advantage of the actual program. 10 landscape and 5 portrait templates are included, all are single-side templates. Select this folder as the templates folder. Please keep your 10 landscape and 5 portrait images in one folder and select that folder as the album images folder. Use the included Sample.txt file as the input design text file. Execute the trial program with all these input parameters, the output PSD files will be generated. Later you can also change the colors of the background layers and export the PSD files to JPEG and PDF formats.


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